Here's a sampling of my papers and research:

Research study with user testing (IRB approved at Austin Peay State University)
Study title: "Interactive media and learning: How animation, multiple colors, complexity of illustration, and hyperlink navigational choices affect recall and learning." 2004.
Art criticism: "Frida Kahlo’s paintings as therapy and talisman: a feminist critique of selected works."  
Book review: "Sensing a Yellow Sound: A Review of 'Sensorium: Embodied Experience, Technology, and Contemporary Art.'"
White paper: "What does it take for successful artistic collaboration? A study of approaches in the book "Artistic Bedfellows."
Technical writing: "Dupont polyester manufacturing methods." Written for Industrial Strength Marketing, Brentwood, TN.
Lee, A. D. (2012). Am I the same person on Facebook that I am in real life? Reality and truth concerning image in social media. In O'More Publishing (Ed.), Abbey-Leigh Anthology. Franklin, Tennessee: O'More Publishing.
Lee, A. D. (2011). Southern Fried Semiotics: A proposal for an investigation into a larger history of graphic design and a study of semiotics in the commercial art of the Southeastern United States. In O'More Publishing.
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